VIN Decoding

Decode This provides VIN decoding on a variety of vehicles, both modern and classic.  We can decode:

  1. US Classic cars (1950s - 1980)
  2. Motorcycle (1981+)
  3. Passenger cars (1981+)
  4. Light Trucks (1981+)
  5. Heavy Vehicles (1981+)
  6. Motor Homes (1981+)

You can see all the vehicles we can decode by visiting the VIN List page.  To date this decoder has decoded over 4 million VINs.

We use a pattern matching system to examine the VIN, and then look up in our databases the correct vehicle that matches that VIN. Because some manufacturers don't include the trim level of each vehicle in the VIN there are times when you are requested to select the trim level from a list of possible choices.  Once you've selected your choice you will be shown are data on that vehicle.

VIN Decoder

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